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648 WASTE MANAGEMENT ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHT @ AFRICAN DIRECTORY SERVICES (PTY) LTD The company is focusing on local innovation paying particular attention to how to conserve, reuse and improve water-heating mechanisms that consider the African climate and socioeconomic environment. Our products are customised for socioeconomic conditions of our target market primarily retrofit market for reuse the wasted heat, provide accessibility and affordable hot water to ordinary South Africans and further pasteurise the water. We focus on simplifying the product offering without compromising on quality yet remain affordable and reach the marginalised market. We aim to bring convenience to our users and reuse what they already have with guaranteed and short time frames for return on investment. We focus on innovation and manufacturing and create value chain development through skills development, market distribution, product installation and strategic partnership in the value chain. We are driven by passion for new innovations challenging status quo and make a difference in local economic development through strategic partnerships. Website : | Telephone : +27 43 721 3296, +27 43 726 5016