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637 SHOPS & SHOPPING ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHT @ AFRICAN DIRECTORY SERVICES (PTY) LTD Shoprite made a promise of lower prices over 40 years ago. More than just words, this promise has formed the very foundation of our business and has helped us grow into Africa’s largest food retailer. Today, with over 500 outlets and 22 million shoppers, we continue to provide many communities with a variety of food products, household goods and small appliances at our lowest possible prices. More services for more convenience We know life can get quite busy so, beyond every day low prices on household essentials, one of our goals has also been to make shopping as quick and easy as it can be. Thanks to our Money Market services, you can pay accounts, send money, book bus tickets and even take care of insurance in-store. You’ll also find LiquorShop and MediRite Pharmacy at some of our outlets. Our role in job creation Even through some very tough economic times, we not only managed to prevent job losses, but also helped to create thousands more. Shoprite’s stores have a current estimate of 130 000 employees. Apart from that, we also run food subsidies to help our communities through difficult times, with one subsidy providing savings of R20 million across the country. Telephone : 011 309 8820 Website :