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HEALTH & BEAUTY ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHT @ AFRICAN DIRECTORY SERVICES (PTY) LTD 318 The practice helps both males and females. It only helps married couples most of the time when a couple tries to fall pregnant and they can’t, couples tend to concentrate more on the female partner and neglect the fact that even men have infertility problems too. That is why we insist that both partners go for tests. A sperm analysis test is done on the male partner to see whether his sperm count is low or not. There are many factors that contribute to weak sperm, for example: smoking, alcohol consumption and bad eating habits. With females is more complicated than men. There are a number of reasons why women would struggle to fall pregnant like blocked fallopian tubes, fibroids or a hormonal imbalance. Believe it or not even stress can cause infertility that is why both partners need to really support each other. Contact +27 11 614 6774 / +27 76 874 0017 FERTILITY Treatment of minor infertility challenges, sperm booster, miscarriages, hormone balancing, pregnancy related issues. Ethno Medicinal Fertility Practice