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BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHT @ AFRICAN DIRECTORY SERVICES (PTY) LTD 208 We’re about People BUSINESS CONSULTING Loago Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd was registered in 2007 as a business consultancy, training and development provider based in Bedfordview Gauteng Province and another Branch is in Kuruman Northern Cape Province. Our company is accredited with ETDP-SETA, Services SETA, LG SETA to provide various accredited training interventions. The organisation is skilled and experienced in providing services to various clients throughout the country. The company’s personnel are well qualified and experienced in, amongst others: recruitment and placement, human resource management, research methodology, business administration, training and development and business consulting services both in public and private sectors. Given the vast range of skills and other competencies which can be developed in people it is useful for some sort of prioritising to take place so that training focuses on the areas which will yield best benefit. We prioritise skills training, product training, technical training, behavioural development training, role-playing and role-play games and exercises, attitudinal training and development, accredited training and learning. Loago is committed to leverage its insights, innovation and impact to create specific solutions that start with the business need to create interventions that are practical, aligned to client culture and strategy, and produce return on the investment. We operate with client-oriented teams that thoroughly get to know their clients and pride themselves on being flexible, building rapport and developing a relationship based on trust. We design and develop to client business outcomes, not the content we have to offer.